Board of Civil Authority

Wilmington Board of Civil Authority

The BCA has 11 members and is comprised of the Town’s seven Justices of the Peace, five members of the Selectboard, and the Town Clerk.

Selectboard:  Tom Fitzgerald (also JP), John Gannon, Vincent Rice, Sarah Fisher

Justices of the Peace: Terms Expire 1/31/21

Elizabeth McEwen, Linda Green, Tom Consolino, Tom Fitzgerald, Frederick W. Houston, Doug Wheeler, Rhea Clark

Meetings are scheduled as needed by the Town Clerk.

QUESTIONS? Contact Town Clerk Therese Lounsbury at (802)464-5836

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2020 Minutes:

11-18-20 Minutes

9-3-20 Minutes

2019 Minutes:

9-11-19 Minutes
8-28-19 Minutes
8-13-19 Minutes
7-31-19 Minutes
7-17-19 Minutes
6-24-19 Minutes

2018 Minutes:

9-19-18 Minutes
8-22-18 Minutes
8-8-18 Minutes
7-18-18 Minutes
7-9-18 Minutes

2017 Minutes:

9-20-17 Minutes
8-14-17 Minutes
7-24-17 Minutes
7-20-17 Approved Minutes

2016 Minutes:

8-22-16 Minutes
7-25-16 Minutes

2015 Minutes:

12-10-15 Minutes
9-1-15 Minutes
8-25-15 Minutes


2014 Minutes:

08-11-14 BCA MINUTES Unapproved
07-28-14 BCA MINUTES Unapproved

2013 Minutes:

2012 Minutes: