Welcome to Wilmington!

There’s much to see and do in Wilmington!  Our picturesque village is a shopper’s paradise offering a variety of unique and special merchandise.  Most of the village shops are housed in historic buildings.  There are several art galleries with in-house artists.  Gallery nights are held regularly for later shopping hours.

The village is surrounded by a rural mountainous countryside filled with natural wonders and scenic vistas. Whether you like to just settle down for peaceful relaxation or seek out activities, we have it all.

Located in the Deerfield Valley of Southern Vermont, we are home to many winter sports.  Mount Snow offers skiing and snowboarding.  Many areas offer cross-country skiing and tubing, and snowshoeing.  Our mountains and rural landscape provide a terrific opportunity for the fast-growing sport of snowmobiling as well.

But winter is not our only season – spring, summer, and fall bring their own joys to our special corner of Vermont.

In early spring you’ll find sugarhouses billowing with steam as locals take part in the tradition of maple syrup production;  learn the process of this ancient art and bring the sweet treat home.  You can also find maple syrup at roadside stands at local farms.

In the summer, be sure to visit Lake Whitingham, the largest lake entirely within the state of Vermont.  The lake was formed in the early 1900s when the Deerfield River was dammed in Whitingham for power production.

The lake flooded a large area and displaced homes and businesses.  U.S. Gen New England, the current owner of the dam, provides several access areas to the lake for public boating, picnicking, and swimming.
Hiking is also a very popular activity in summer and fall.  The views from the top of our mountains are worth the climb. For the golf enthusiast the area has some excellent courses.  There are also many antique shops and tag sales for those who enjoy treasure hunting.

Farming used to be a major industry in town, but unfortunately there are few left. A visit to a local farm will give the whole family a chance to experience our farming heritage and meet some docile farm animals.

Fall is our most spectacular season when the trees don a kaleidoscope of color; offering a short but intensely beautiful foliage display. See the photo gallery page!

When you come to visit, be sure to enjoy our fine restaurants and exciting nightlife.
Any time of year, Wilmington is a great place to visit or to live — come see how we’re building a quality community!

The great winter and spring weather bring challenging conditions to our back roads.  There is no faster way than the State Highway.
Caution GPS applications might guide you down our back roads and could add time to your trip with no cell service.

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