Where to Recycle:

-At the Wilmington Transfer Station on Miller Road(directions and hours below).

Please follow the list below and separate items into the proper container.  Do NOT put anything in the recycling container that is not listed below!  When you deposit items that do not belong, you can contaminate the whole load, causing it to be landfilled instead of recycled.  This defeats the purpose and costs money!

Do NOT leave any non-recyclable items (trash!) in or around the containers!  The Town must spend money to have someone clean up the mess and then dispose of the trash.

Don’t spoil the convenience for everyone!  Please do your part to follow the rules and pass them on to anyone you see at the recycling boxes!  If you see anyone abusing this location, please report them to the Wilmington Police Department at 464-8593.

What to Recycle:

-Newspapers (inserts too)
-Junk mail (plastic wrap, pieces removed)
-Mixed office paper
-Books without hard covers
-Envelopes (windows okay)
-Phone books
-NO: Aseptic boxes (e.g. drink boxes, soymilk, boxed wine)
-NO: Milk cartons
-NO: Tissues
-NO: Tyvek (non-tearing) envelopes
-NO: Egg cartons
-NO: Paper Towels
(Watch for news about accepting some of these non-recyclable papers for composting! If you are a backyard composter, you can compost your paper towels and egg cartons with your food scraps.)

-Corrugated cardboard, clean, dry, flattened
-Brown paper bags
-Boxboard  (The grayish single-ply cardboard used for: Cereal boxes, Tissue boxes, Toilet paper rolls, -Pantry food boxes such as crackers, pasta, etc., Soda or beer boxes/six-pack carriers.   )
-NO: Waxed cardboard
-NO: Egg cartons
-NO: Freezer boxes (contain wet-strength additives that make them non-recyclable)
-NO: Juice or milk cartons (contain plastic layers that makes them non-recyclable)

-Glass bottles and jars
-Aluminum cans
-Steel (Tin) cans
-Plastic bottles, lids, tubs rinsed
-NO: Plastic bags (can be recycled at Hannaford’s)
-NO: Styrofoam
-NO: Light bulbs
-NO: Window glass
-NO: Ceramics
-NO: Pyrex
-NO: Kitchenware

Why Recycle:
-Recycling can reduce the waste stream at least 25% by diverting discarded materials back into resources.
-It is cheaper than landfilling or incinerating the materials.
-It reduces pollution.
-It creates jobs.
-It slows the consumption of natural resources.
-Using recyclables instead of virgin materials saves this much energy: Aluminum 95%, Steel 74%, Paper 64%.

There is business sense in recycling. Scrap dealers have collected and processed discarded materials for hundreds of years. The founders of what has become an important business found raw materials in the refuse of 19th century cities. Immigrant peddlers began the business by collecting old rags, scrap iron, brass fittings, and rusted farm machines. This entrepreneurialism expanded when recycling became an industrial opportunity. Recycling business was invaluable during World War II, supplying critical raw materials that helped the U.S. and allies to victory.

Buy Recycled – It closes the loop

Thanks to you, all sorts of everyday products are being made from materials you’ve recycled. But to keep recycling working to help the environment, you need to buy those products. So look for products made from recycled materials, and buy them.

Directions to the Wilmington Transfer Station:  From Route 100 north, turn onto Higley Hill Road just before the River Valley Market.  Go about 3 miles and Miller Road is on the right.  There is a sign for the Wilmington Transfer Station.

Transfer Station Hours:
Fridays and Sundays  8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m
Tuesday 12 noon to 3:30 p.m.

More Information at:
Windham Solid Waste Management District

327 Old Ferry Rd., Brattleboro, VT 05301
Phone (802)257-0272    Fax 257-5122