Cemetery Commission

2024 Cemetery Commission Members (5 year terms)
-Donna Moore (2025)
-Janet Boyd (2027)
-Richard Khachadoorian (2028)
-Walter White (2029)
-Ralph Staib (2026)

Cemetery Sextons (Appointed by Commissioners)
John Boyd
Todd Stewart
Scott Moore

The Wilmington Cemetery Commission is responsible for Wilmington’s Cemeteries including:
Restland Cemetery – behind the Congregational Church
Averill Cemetery – VT Route 9 East
Riverview Cemetery – Stowe Hill Road
Intervale (a.k.a. Cutting) Cemetery – Smith Road

Town cemeteries are open from April 15-November 15, weather permitting.

Single Grave Cost



Corner Markers-$325 for 4

One full burial per grave, or two cremation burials per grave, or one full burial and one cremation burial per grave.

Cemetery Regulations

Decorations must be removed from gravesite by October 31st.
All forms of decorations not specifically permitted will be removed. This includes glass ornaments, bottles, plastic items, flags, crockery, statuary, cans, fences, metal edgings, stones and similar items. Glass of any kind is not permitted.

Shepherd hooks are allowed all year.
No homemade markers on graves.
No planting of shrubs or trees.
Flowers shall only be in movable planters.
Natural and artificial flowers will be permitted until their appearance becomes unsightly.

Holiday wreaths are permitted over the winter months.
Planters not filled by July 5th will be removed.
The Cemetery Commission is not responsible for any flowers, planters or decorations on graves, and has the authority to remove any items which have become unsightly, dangerous, diseased, or detrimental, or which do not conform to the regulations outlined.



The Wilmington Cemetery Commission will meet on the second Thursday each month at 4:30 pm at Wilmington Fire Dept at 40 Beaver St through November.

2024 Minutes:

4-11-24 Minutes

3-14-24 Minutes

1-11-24 Minutes

2023 Minutes

11-9-23 Minutes

10-24-23 Minutes-VMP

10-12-23 Minutes

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4-13-23 Minutes

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1-12-23 Minutes

2022 Minutes

10-13-22 Minutes

9-15-22 Minutes

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3-10-22 Minutes

2-11-22 Minutes

2021 Minutes

6-17-21 Minutes

4-29-21 Minutes

2020 Minutes

3-13-20 Minutes

2019 Minutes

1-24-19 Minutes

2018 Minutes

8-14-18 Minutes
4-3-18 Minutes

2017 Minutes

11-16-17 Minutes
10-26-17 Minutes
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9-27-17 Minutes
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5-31-17 Minutes
4-26-17 Minutes

2016 Minutes

10-26-16 Minutes
9-28-16 Minutes
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7-27-16 Minutes
6-30-16 Minutes
5-25-16 Minutes
4-27-16 Site Visit Minutes
4-20-16 Minutes

2015 Minutes
3-19-15 Cemetery Minutes

2014 Minutes
09-14-14 Cemetery Commission Minutes

2013 Minutes:
03-13-13_Cemetery_Minutes 8-31-16 Minutes