1. If you are looking for a Zoning Permit for a Short-Term Rental, please review the adopted Bylaws here: https://wilmingtonvermont.us/documents/ordinances  Once they are effective, I will accept applications on April 24th.
  2. After reading the Bylaws for your Zone (District) and determining your Use (Permitted Use or Conditional Use), fill out the simple Zoning Permit Application below for a Permitted Use, and the DRB Hearing & Permit Application for larger STRs. The applications will answer most of your questions as you read through it.
  3. The fee for a STR Change of Use is 10 cents a square foot, and a floor plan of the STR is required, as well as a site plan (outdoors).  Be sure to clearly mark your parking areas on the site plan and make sure they are in compliance with Section 730 of the adopted Bylaws.
  4. Please be sure to include a copy of your Wastewater Permit from the State of Vermont and your STR Safety Form, linked below.  If you are on Town Sewer, I only need proof of your allocation.  If you are not on Town Sewer, you can begin the search for your Wastewater Permit, if you do not have a copy, at: https://dec.vermont.gov/water/wastewater-systems-and-potable-water-supply-program/wastewater-systems-and-potable-water – Thank you, Jessica Roberts, ZA

Zoning Administrator: Jessica Roberts

Phone:  (802) 464-8591 ext 124

FAX:  (802) 464-8477

E-mail:  jroberts@wilmingtonvt.us

Follow this department at: instagram.com/zoning05363

Office Hours:

MON-TUES: 9 AM to 4:00 PM

THUR-FRI: 9 AM to 4:00 PM

The Zoning Office is responsible for administering permits, assisting the public with permit applications, and answering questions an applicant may have.

Our Bylaws state “no land development shall commence until a zoning Permit has been issued by the Zoning Administrator”.  Changes of Use and/or Change of a Structure almost always require a permit, though some exceptions apply.  Not sure?  Need some help navigating the Bylaws? Contact the Zoning Administrator by phone, email, or make an appointment to meet in person and discuss your project.


Permits including new construction, change of use, signs, driveway and right-of-way.

Assistance with the Board review process; information about the Planning Commission and the Development Review Board

Information on individual properties and their permit status

Wilmington Zoning Ordinance

Permit Fee Schedule 11-23

Do You Need A Permit- Information Brochure

Zoning Applications

Zoning Permit Application  *

DRB Hearing & Permit Application *

Sign Permit Application  *

Zoning Appeal Application *

Amend or Extend Permit Application *

Violation Report Form *

Helpful Links for Applicants– Updated 12/2023

STR Safety Form *

DRB – What to Expect

Site Plan and Standards

Zoning Districts Map

Zoning Overlays Map

* We will not accept pictures of applications. They may be mailed in, dropped off in person, or emailed as a PDF.

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