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Located in the Deerfield Valley of Southern Vermont, we are home to many winter sports.  Mount Snow offers skiing and snowboarding.  Many areas offer cross-country skiing and tubing, and snowshoeing.  Our mountains and rural landscape provide a terrific opportunity for the fast-growing sport of snowmobiling as well.

Mt. Snow:
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Catamount Trail:


Lake Harriman Reservoir offers a variety of biking trails.

Easiest Trail:  The easiest ride for kids is located just west of town.  Take Route 9 to Woods Road, turn left and follow to the picnic area.  Ride around the gate, and the trail continues for 13 miles (aka Catamount Trail, used to be part of Hoot, Toot and Whistle Railroad line).

Intermediate Trail:  From the center of town at the traffic light heading east turn right on Main St, pass Poncho’s Wreck and go up Castle Hill to Fairview, turn right and follow to end picnic area/boat launch.  The trail is to the right first on grass, then single track (aka Hoot, Toot and Whistle continued)

Difficult Trail:  Take Rte 100 South toward Jacksonville, to Boyd Hill Rd (see Flames Stable sign) turn right and continue to find another picnic area 2 trails are here, one to the right along the water very rocky sometimes better for a hike and the other is back up the hill past the upper parking area on the right; the trail is tough to find but worth the effort.  It has a steep descent back to the lake and interesting pathways to discover. Good luck, have fun!


Lake WhitinghamIn the summer, be sure to visit Lake Whitingham, the largest lake entirely within the state of Vermont. Lake Whitingham is located near Vermont Route 100, which was highly praised by National Geographic as one of ten most scenic highways in America. Nestled in Southern Vermont, Lake Whitingham, also known as Harriman Reservoir, provides a stunning setting any time of year, from the lush greenery of spring and summer, to the vibrant colors of autumn, and the snowy white of winter. Although built as a hydroelectric the lake also serves as an excellent recreational getaway.