Important Information


We encourage all taxpayers to send payments via 1) US mail, 2) online through our website, or 3) sign up for our direct debit option (form found on our website)

Important Tax Information
You ONLY receive ONE bill with 2 stubs.
SAVE your JULY Bill! 

Use the first stub for the first installment and the second stub for the second installment!

You will NOT receive another bill for February! (We will put a reminder on the home page at this site and send out in our e-mail newsletter (to sign up)

If you sell your property, please give the bill to the new owner.

Taxes are due in two installments:

Fiscal Year 2024
First Installment Due August 25, 2023
Second Installment Due February 23, 2024

Property tax installments not paid on or before the due dates are charged interest at the rate of 1% per month for the first three months and 1 ½% per month thereafter.  All taxes unpaid after the final due date will be assessed an 8% penalty added thereto plus interest at the maximum allowable rate.

IMPORTANT:  You can pay property taxes more frequently than the two installments by using the electronic payment option or by simply mailing in your payments.  Our system is capable of receiving tax payments weekly, monthly, quarterly or whatever way accommodates your budget , as long as the taxes are paid in full by the due dates.
Your taxes must be either brought in on or before the due date, paid electronically by the due date, or if mailed, it must have an official US postmark stamped on or before the due date.

If your payment is made AFTER the date taxes are due or if your mailed payment is postmarked AFTER the date taxes are due, you WILL be charged interest and penalty. 

The Town of Wilmington is not responsible for errors made by the U.S. Post Office or mortgage companies.

Even if your taxes are escrowed, you will receive a bill.  If your mortgage company requests a copy, one will be sent to them.  If your mortgage company does not request a copy of your bill, it is your responsibility to get it to them.  The Town of Wilmington will send copies only if requested by a mortgage company or bank.

As a property owner, you are solely responsible for payment when due.  If your mortgage company is supposed to make payments on your behalf, or if you do not receive a bill, it is your responsibility to follow-up and see that payment is made when due in order to avoid penalty and interest.

If you would like a receipt, please return the installment stub with a self addressed stamped envelope.  It will be marked paid and returned to you in your envelope.

Questions:  Treasurer/Tax Collector Christine Richter (802) 464-8591 or email her at