Hazardous Waste


Do not throw away hazardous waste – it can pollute groundwater and endanger health.  Save it up for the annual FREE Annual Hazardous Waste Day. Info at Windham Solid Waste Management District 802-257-0272.

Products accepted at Hazardous Waste Collection Day: those used in cleaning, automobile maintenance, home improvements, lawn and garden care, and hobbies.  Labels have warning words such as “caution”, “hazard”, “harmful”, “flammable” and “corrosive”.

A list of potentially hazardous products is available at: Windham Solid Waste Management Center

The following wastes are accepted at the Windham Solid Waste District in Brattleboro all year, therefore we ask people not to bring them to the special household hazardous waste (HHW) collection events.

Mercury-containing devices
Motor oil and oil filters
Fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts
Syringes (Needles)
Paint Drop-Off Program


Do NOT put the following batteries in trash:  Lead Acid (i.e. Car), Nicad, Lithium, Button Cell, and Rechargeable. Recycle these at Town of Wilmington Transfer Station, Miller Road. Recycled batteries are sent to the Solid Waste District where they are properly disposed of.  Car batteries may also be accepted at some service stations.

You MAY put the following batteries in the trash: Household batteries including lantern type and D or smaller that were made in the last 10 years are safe to put in with regular trash as there is no mercury in them.  (If you have some old ones that have been sitting around a long time, they should be recycled.)