Beautification Committee

2024 Beautification Committee Members (4 year terms)
Cheryl LaFlamme, Chair
Anne Saracino, Vice Chair
Kathleen Comeau, Clerk
Keith Herbert
Adele Mattern
Bev Butler
Elaine Ahnell
Tanya Powling


2024 Regular Meeting Schedule

The Wilmington Beautification Committee will hold regular meetings on the second and fourth Mondays at 8:00 am at the Wilmington Town Hall Meeting Room at 2 East Main Street, Wilmington.

Wilmington Beautification Committee

The Wilmington Selectboard to appoint a Wilmington Beautification Committee (WBC) to be made up of no more than 9 members and two alternates that can participate as voting members when necessary.

Goals and Authority of WBC:

1.       To identify beautification opportunities within the entire Town of Wilmington.
2.       To solicit ideas from a wide variety of sources as to ways to achieve opportunities.
3.       To recommend to the Selectboard a proposed budget to be voted on at Town Meeting.
4.       To have the authority to spend up to 25% of its approved town budget without additional Selectboard approval.
5.       To work within its approved budget to implement beautification ideas with the interest of the whole town in mind.
6.       To bring to the Selectboard beautification ideas that goes beyond the budgetary parameters.
7.       To seek resources other than town tax revenue to help fund beautification efforts.
8.       To work with other towns and area committees to ensure there is an integrated and coordinated approach to town beautification and economic development.

The WBC members shall:

1.       Be appointed and any vacancy filled by the Selectboard, with volunteers being encouraged to apply for WBC positions.  The term of each member shall be four years. Any appointment to fill a vacancy shall be for the unexpired term. The term of alternate members shall be for two years.
2.       Include the Town Manager as a non-voting member.

3.       Be a cross section of Wilmington residents/business owners/renters/and persons who work in Wilmington to endeavor to create a broad representation of views.
4.       Be removed at any time by vote of the Selectboard body, for reasons given to the member in writing, and after a public hearing on the issue if the member so requests.
5.       Adopt by majority vote of those present and voting such rules as it deems necessary and appropriate for the performance of its functions.  The WBC shall annually elect a chairperson, vice chairperson, and clerk.
6.       Publicly post the times and places of its meetings.  The WBC’s meetings shall be open to the public in accordance with the terms of the open meeting law.
7.       Keep a record of its transactions that shall be filed in the Town Administrative Office.
8.       Comply with ethical policies or ordinances as adopted by the town.
9.       Report at least quarterly to the Selectboard on its progress.


2024 Minutes:

6-24-24 Minutes

5-13-24 Minutes

4-8-24 Minutes

2-26-24 Minutes

2023 Minutes:

11-27-23 Minutes

10-23-23 Minutes

9-11-23 Minutes

6-26-23 Minutes

4-10-23 Minutes

3-13-23 Minutes

2022 Minutes:

10-24-22 Minutes

6-27-22 Minutes

4-11-22 Minutes

2021 Minutes:

10-25-21 Minutes

9-27-21 Minutes

9-13-21 Minutes

6-28-21 Minutes

5-10-21 Minutes

4-12-21 Minutes

3-8-21 Minutes

2020 Minutes:

11-23-20 Minutes

10-12-20 Minutes

9-14-20 Minutes

8-10-20 Minutes

7-13-20 Minutes

6-22-20 Minutes

6-8-20 Minutes

5-11-20 Minutes

3-9-20 Minutes

2019 Minutes:

10-28-19 Minutes
9-9-19 Minutes
8-12-19 Minutes
7-22-19 No Quorum
6-10-19 Minutes
5-13-19 Minutes
4-8-19 Minutes
3-11-19 Minutes
1-28-19 Minutes
1-14-19 Minutes

2018 Minutes:

12-10-18 Amended Minutes
12-10-18 Minutes
11-29-18 Minutes
11-26-18 Minutes
10-22-18 Minutes
10-9-18 Minutes
9-24-18 Minutes
8-27-18 Minutes
8-13-18 Minutes
7-23-18 Minutes
7-9-18 Minutes
6-25-18 Minutes
6-11-18 Minutes
5-21-18 Minutes
5-14-18 Minutes
4-23-18 Minutes
4-17-18 Minutes
4-9-18 Minutes
3-12-18 Minutes
1-22-18 No quorum
1-8-18 Minutes

2017 Minutes:

12-11-17 No Quorum
11-13-17 Minutes
10-23-17 No Quorum
9-25-17 Minutes
8-28-17 Minutes
8-14-17 Minutes
7-24-17 Minutes
7-10-17 Minutes
6-26-17 Minutes
6-12-17 Minutes
5-22-17 Minutes
5-8-17 Minutes
4-24-17 Minutes
4-10-17 No Quorum
3-27-17 Minutes
3-13-17 Minutes

2016 Minutes:

11-14-16 Minutes
10/24/16 No Quorum
9-26-16 Minutes
8-8-16 Minutes
7-25-16 Minutes
7-11-16 Minutes
6-27-16 Minutes
6-13-16 Minutes
5-23-16 Minutes
5-9-16 Minutes
4-26-16 Minutes
4-11-16 Minutes
3-28-16 Minutes
3-14-16 Minutes


Earlier minutes can be requested by submitting a PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST FORM to the administrative office.