Old Home Week Committee

Committee Members:

Nicki Steel, Chair
DJ Boyd, Vice Chair
Scott Olmstead, Secretary
Mary Genella, Treasurer
Julie Moore
Deb Boyd
Carl Swanson
Stacie Brooks
Barker Willard

Old Home Week Committee Resolution

Planning for Old Home Week 2020 on July 30 & 31 and August 1 & 2 are well underway! There will be traditional events such as the parade and the town dinner and some new events, too! We have a few ways for you keep up-to-date. Check into our web site wilmingtonohw2020.org. The site has Committee Information, History and Photos, Schedule of Events, information on Memorabilia, Volunteer Opportunities and a way of contacting us. We also have a Facebook page Wilmington Old Home Week 2020. If you would like to be added to our USPS mailing list please email your current address to wilmingtonohw2020@yahoo.com

Old Home Week is a wonderful tradition that was started in 1890 and has been held every 10 years since. We welcome all – those who grew up here, those who are here part-time and those who simply love Wilmington. So mark your calendar and see you this summer!



The Old Home Week Committee will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Old School Enrichment Council Library at 1 School St, Wilmington.

2021 Minutes:

9-16-21 Minutes – Final Meeting

7-22-21 Minutes

7-8-21 Minutes

6-24-21 Minutes

6-3-21 Minutes

5-6-21 Minutes

4-1-21 Minutes

3-4-21 Minutes

2-4-21 Minutes

1-7-21 Minutes

2020 Minutes:

9-3-20 Minutes

6-4-20 Minutes

5-7-20 Minutes

4-2-20 Minutes

3-5-20 Minutes

2-6-20 Minutes

1-2-2020 Minutes

2019 Minutes:

12-5-19 Minutes

11-7-19 Minutes

10-3-19 Minutes

9-5-19 Minutes

8-1-19 Minutes

7-11-19 Minutes

6-6-19 Minutes

5-2-19 Minutes

4-4-19 Minutes

2-28-19 Minutes

1-3-19 Minutes

2018 Minutes:

12-6-18 Minutes

12-4-18 Special Minutes

11-1-18 Minutes

10-4-18 Minutes

8-23-18 Minutes