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The Wilmington Selectboard will hold a Pre-Town Meeting informational hearing on Monday, February 26, 2024 at 6 pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room.

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The Wilmington Recreation Commission regular meeting schedule will be on the second Monday of each month at 6pm in the Town Hall Meeting Room or via zoom (location will be noted on the agenda when posted).


Warning of a Development Review Board Public Hearing, on Monday, March 4, 2024, at 5:00 PM.  Attend this meeting either via Zoom or in person at the Wilmington Town Office Meeting Room, 2 East Main St, Wilmington, Vermont.  Zoom link also posted at

Warned Items:

  1. Zoning Permit Application #2024-014 at Parcel ID 20-21-60, 12 Fairview Avenue by Matthew Moran for Change of Use, adding Lodging Use.
  2. Zoning Permit Application #2024-007 at Parcel ID 21-20-9, 157 Rte 100 N by Supergirl LLC/Nebelski for Change of Use adding Dwelling, Two-Family to multiple already existing Uses on lot.

This hearing is warned in accordance with the Vermont Planning and Development Act (24 VSA § 4464).  Please be advised that participation in this proceeding is a prerequisite to the right to any subsequent appeal.  An Agenda for this hearing will be posted on the Town’s website 48 hours before the hearing. Additional information may be obtained from the Wilmington Zoning Administrator, or by calling (802) 464-8591, ext. 124. Register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.



The Board of Civil Authority is hereby warned to convene for election business on Wednesday, February 21, 2024, at 4:00pm in the Town Hall at 2 East Main Street or via Zoom with the login information provided below.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of the Minutes of October 4, 2023.
  3. Approve additions to the voter checklist since the last election.
  4. Appoint non-BCA election poll workers.
  5. Discuss election schedule and coverage of the polls.
  6. Discuss change in TVUU school ballot transport.
  7. Adjourn

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The Wilmington Selectboard has rescheduled their March 5, 2024 meeting to March 6th at 8:15 am, in the Town Hall Meeting Room.


Wilmington Selectboard

Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117, § 4444, notice is hereby given by the Wilmington Selectboard that a Public Hearing will be held in the Wilmington Town Hall on March 12, 2024 at 6:00 pm.

Statement of Purpose:  This is a hearing on the proposed completion of revisions to the Zoning Ordinance for the Town of Wilmington, VT.   The purpose of the changes to the following Articles are to promote increased housing, both market and affordable/workforce housing in Wilmington with increased density allowance and the creation of Affordable Housing and Common Clusters.

  • Articles II Administrative Procedures, is to allow for increased density, update Legal non-conforming regulations, make changes to ‘uses’ and ‘height’ regulations and allow for Cottage Clusters and Affordable Housing in some districts excluding Resort Residential and Residential districts.
  • Article II, Allow DRB to grant a waiver for ‘Density’
  • Article IV Districts & Uses, Section 450, added language in all districts to allow for Affordable Housing incentives
  • Article V, Historic Design Review District, Section 531– Removed Subsection B (8) – not needed
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 730 – In Subsection D94) reduced off-street parking to 1 stall per unit
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 731 – Added Subsection K – Cottage Cluster Development Standards
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 732 – remove subsection A – Affordable Housing
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 732 – remove subsection D. Marijuana regulations – no longer enforceable as per State Statute
  • Article VII, Standards, – Added Section 734 – Affordable Housing Development Standards
  • Article VII, Standards, – Added Section 735 – Accessory Dwelling Unit Standards

The purpose of changes to the following Articles are to clarify and update Short-Term Rental regulations in our Zoning, clarify Signs regulations, remove outdated and unenforceable regulations, update language no longer considered acceptable.

  • Article II: Administrative Procedures, Section 212, is to remove out of date language to allow ZA a new permit to cure a violation. This will clarify the ZA’s ability to issue a permit.
  • Article IV: Districts & Uses, Section 421, subsections B, adds language for small structures allowed without a Zoning permit to include ‘unless the structure is in an area of special flood hazard”
  • Article IV: Districts & Uses, Section 447, Adds language for Required Agricultural Practices (RAP)
  • Article IV: Districts & Uses, Section 450, subsections B – F, updates to all districts to move all Lodging/Short-term Rentals to a Permitted or Conditional use. Increased bedroom allowance for Village, Resort-Commercial/Residential and Commercial/Residential districts. Removed Operator on-site requirement for Residential and Resort-Residential districts.
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 706, Subsection E – Added language to clarify non-conforming element of the Structure
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 723 Subsection B – Removed incorrect reference
  • Article VII, Standards, Section 730 Subsection D – Updated Minimum Number of spaces required (Parking) as per state law
  • Article VIII, Signs, Section 860, remove Utility poles in Signs not Allowed sub-section A – no longer enforceable
  • Articles I – X, removed references to ‘Grandfathered’ and replaced the language with “Legacy in all Articles.

The purpose of the changes in Article X – Definitions is to provide definitions in support of the zoning articles.  The revised Article X – Definitions supports both Article IV and Article VII in meeting their respective Town Plan objectives by providing clarifying definitions.

  • Definitions updated or added – Lodging, Short-term Rentals, Bedrooms, Accessory Dwelling Units, Cottage Cluster Development, Affordable Housing Unit, Temporary and Mixed Use, Bulk Storage, Should

Description of the Area Covered:  The proposed changes cover the entire Town of Wilmington, VT.

These Articles are presented for adoption to supplement the following current, already revised and approved, Articles:

  • Article I – Enactment and Purpose
  • Article II – Administrative Procedures
  • Article III – Boundary Lines and Subdivisions
  • Article IV: District Purposes and descriptions
  • Article V – Historic Design Review District, An Overlay District – Descriptions, Uses and Regulations
  • Article VI – Flood Hazard District – an Overlay District
  • Article VII: Standards – addition of Section 731 Cottage Cluster Development, Section 734 Workforce/Affordable Housing
  • Article VIII – Signs
  • Article IX – Wireless and Telecommunications Facilities
  • Article X – General Definitions – additional definitions as indicated
  • Appendix I – Site Plan and Design Guidelines
  • Appendix II – Structures Listed on the National or State Register of Historic Places

Where the proposed Articles may be examined:
Copies of the document are available for public review at the Wilmington Town Offices and on the Town of Wilmington website