Tennis/Pickleball Court RFP

By | April 2, 2024

Reclamation of Charles Trebbe, Jr Tennis and Pickleball Court


The Town of Wilmington (‘the Town’) is requesting proposals from qualified Vermont-licensed contractors to provide services for reclamation of the Charles Trebbe, Jr Tennis and Pickleball Court at 27 Beaver Street in Wilmington, Vermont. All work shall be compliant with plans and specifications and all local, state and federal codes.

The Town of Wilmington received a grant through a Recreational Facilities Grant funded by the State of Vermont.


The Charles Trebbe, Jr Tennis Courts were built in 1972 and later named to memorialize, the well-liked Wilmington Town Manager.  The two courts are on town owned property. The tennis courts were used as a gathering place in the early years with high school dances in the early summer and late fall and the local Mexican restaurant serving up tacos from a cart.  Of course, these courts have been well used for tennis games, tennis camps, and most recently pickleball by our residents and visitors. The courts have only been resurfaced a handful of times; the last being in 2012, annual crack repairs, and the fence was replaced in 2012. The courts have never been fully reclaimed since they were built in 1972.


Record of respondent’s current licenses shall be on file and in good standing with the Vermont Secretary of State’s office. Please provide your license number and information for confirmation with the State of Vermont. This applies to general contractors, electrical contractors and all required sub-contractors.

To be considered, proposals must be submitted electronically or in writing to the Town of Wilmington by Monday May 6, 2024 at 4pm. The email subject line should be ‘Wilmington Tennis Court RFP’ and the email must be sent to the following addresses: Jessica DeFrancesco, OR (2) copies of printed proposals must be received by the Town of Wilmington, P.O. Box 217 Wilmington, VT 05363. Proposals and/or modifications received after the RFP deadline will not be accepted or reviewed.

Proposals should include the following:

·         Company profile and contact information

·         Detailed project approach and methodology

·         Qualifications and experience of key personnel

·         Proposed timeline and budget

·         References from previous projects

The selected firm(s) shall report to and be responsible to the Town of Wilmington Town Manager. There is no expressed or implied obligation for the Town of Wilmington to reimburse responding firms for any expense incurred in preparing proposals in response to this request. The Town of Wilmington reserves the right to withdraw this Request for Proposals, to accept or reject any or all proposals in part or in their entirety, to advertise for new proposals if it is in the best interest of the Town to do so, and to award a contract as deemed to be in the best interest of the Town.

During the evaluation process, the Town of Wilmington reserves the right, where it may serve the Town’s best interest, to request additional information or clarifications from proposing firms. The Town of Wilmington reserves the right to retain all proposals submitted and to use any ideas in a proposal regardless of whether that proposal is selected. Submission of a proposal indicates acceptance by the firm of the conditions contained in this request for proposals, unless clearly and specifically noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed in the contract between the Town of Wilmington and the firm selected.

The Town has the right to disclose information contained in the proposals after an award has been made. All reports, documents and materials developed by the contractor for this project shall be considered public information and shall be the property of the Town of Wilmington.

Questions regarding this request for proposal should be directed to:

Town of Wilmington, PO Box 217, Wilmington, VT 05363, Attn: Scott Tucker, (802) 464-8591 ext 111,

Via email:

Compliance with Law – The selected contractor shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations in the performance of service. The selected contractor must be registered with the Office of the Secretary of State of Vermont and be certified to conduct business legally in the State of Vermont.

If any addenda are issued to this request for proposals, they will be made available on the Town of Wilmington website:

However, it shall be the sole responsibility of those offering proposals to contact the Town Manager prior to submitting their proposals to determine whether any addenda have been issued.


The Project is in a floodplain and want full compliance with environmental regulations related to floodplain management.

1.       Site Reclamation:

·         Demolition and removal of existing tennis court surface and infrastructure. This will be completed by the Town of Wilmington, with an examination of existing sewer lines under the court.

·         Grading and leveling of the site to accommodate the new court.

2.       Construction of Tennis and Pickleball Court

·         Design and construction of a combination of 2 tennis and 4 pickleball courts in the current footprint of 11,000 Sq Ft 100X110.

·         Installation of appropriate 10’ fencing around the court perimeter to ensure safety and security.

·         Installation of tennis and pickleball netting and equipment.

·         Implementation of drainage systems to mitigate flood risks and prevent water accumulation on the court surface.

·         Integration of environmentally sustainable materials and practices where feasible.

3.       Permitting and Compliance

·         Obtain all necessary permits and approvals from relevant local, state, and federal authorities.

·         Ensure compliance with floodplain management regulations and environmental guidelines throughout the project duration.

4.       Timeline:

·         Provide a detailed project timeline and deliverables.

·         Specify anticipated start and completion dates for each phase of the project.

5.       Budget and Cost Estimates:

·         Submit a comprehensive cost estimate for all aspects of the project, including materials, labor, equipment, and any additional expenses.

·         Clearly outline payment terms and conditions.

6.       Qualifications and Experience:

·         Demonstrate relevant experience in similar projects, particularly in floodplain areas and recreational facility construction.

·         Provide 2-3 references from previous clients.


Paved pathway from the edge of parking area to the court entrance.


Proposals will be opened in the Town Manager’s office and a register of all applications will be prepared. Finalists may be interviewed as part of the evaluation process. After the evaluation and interviews are completed, a recommendation will be made to the Selectboard, at which time a contract may be awarded.

Proposals will be based upon the following standards:

  1. Experience and qualifications of the contractor and project team.
  2. Compliance with project requirements and regulatory guidelines.
  3. Cost-effectiveness and feasibility of the proposed approach.
  4. Ability to meet project timeline and deliverables.
  5. Submission of a complete proposal with all elements required by the RFP


The selection of a contractor shall be made without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. The Town of Wilmington is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages proposals from qualified minority and women-owned businesses.


Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate is required. Automotive liability insurance covering all motor vehicles, including hired and non-owned coverage, used in connection with the Project., with a minimum limit of $500,000, is required. Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required. A certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Town of Wilmington confirming that all coverages are in force. The Town of Wilmington must be listed as an additional insured for the work the contractor will be doing, with regard to the general liability coverage.  Liability coverages shall be primary and non-contributory with any other insurance and self-insurance.  The Federal W-9 Form will be completed and returned to Town, if applicable.


The Contractor, its agents and assigns shall indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Wilmington, including but not      limited to, its elected officials, its officers, and agents, (“the Town”) from any and all claims made against the Town, including but not limited to, damages, awards, costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, to the extent any such claim directly and proximately results from the wrongful, willful or negligent performance of services by the Contractor during the Contractor’s performance of this Agreement or any other Agreements of the Contractor entered into by reason thereof. The Town agrees to give the Contractor prompt notice of any such claim and absent a conflict of interest, an opportunity to control the defense thereof.