Events Fund

Wilmington Events Grant Program Guidelines

The Events Program Fund is financed through monies received from the 1% Local Option Tax. The Program is used to help offset the costs of events by matching the sponsoring groups funding.

Events that request this funding must meet the following criteria;

·  Events held in Wilmington are preferred; however, events held in neighboring communities can be considered.

·  The event must supply at least an equal amount of funding as the amount it is requesting (a 50% match). In-Kind Match is acceptable.

·  The maximum amount of the award is $7,000.  Only large, extraordinary events should be requesting funds that are close or to the maximum grant amount.

·  The event is to benefit Wilmington through increased lodging, diners, and/or retail sales for the local economy.

·  The use of local businesses for services and supplies is encouraged.

·  Recognition of the Town of Wilmington must be included in all promotional material.

·  Eligible organizations include:  Chamber of Commerce, Civic & Business Organizations, Private Businesses, and Non-profit groups.

·  The monies will be awarded on a fiscal year basis (7/1- 6/30) on a first-come, first-served basis.  Applications will be available starting April 1st of the year preceding the upcoming fiscal year.

·  Expenses that are payable with Town funding:  Marketing & Advertising, equipment rental, keynote speakers, performers, and contracted services.

·  Expenses that are not payable with Town funding:  Dining out, Alcohol, Travel & Lodging, and In-kind Contributions.

·  The organization must present a Certificate of Liability Insurance (Must match applicant name) and a W-9 Form.


The application is a single page and must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the event. Applications should be submitted to the Town Manager through email at Or Mail the application to:  Wilmington Town Manager, PO Box 217, Wilmington, VT 05363 Or hand deliver to the Town Manager’s office at 2 East Main Street.

Applications will be scored by the Town Manger using the scoring criteria.  The applicant will receive a written notification of the award (or denial) of the application.  Funds will be released after the event with the completed Request for Payment form with all receipts attached.  The funds will be paid directly to the applicant.


Events Fund Application

Scoring Sheet for Reference

Request for Payment Form