Police-Fire Relocation Committee


Chuck Clerici
Joe Szarejko-  Police Chief
Ken March-     Fire Chief
Heidi Taylor-   Deerfield Valley Rescue
Jake White-     Selectboard Representative
James Burke
Dennis Heberlein


The Police-Fire Relocation Committee will meet on the second and fourth Wednesday  of each month through December at 10 am in the Town Hall Meeting room.


12-9-15 Approved

11-18-15 Approved

11-11-15 Approved

10-28-15 Approved

10-14-15 Approved

9-9-15 Approved

8-26-15 Approved

8-11-15 Approved


Document and Site Reviews

Final Recommendation

8-26-15 Health Center Site Review

8-26-15 Old Highway Garage Site

8-26-15 Sprague Property Review

8-26-15 WW Site Review