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Chief Operator John Lazelle

Chief Operator John Lazelle



Assistant Chief Operator Jeff Longe


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12/5/17 The Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Plant has been accepted as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.


Wilmington Weather!



This Facility was built in 1964 as a Primary Treatment Plant.  We had a major upgrade in 1987 making the plant a Secondary Treatment Facility.  In 1989 we expanded our collection system which now includes 7 Pumping Stations, 220 manholes, 275 connections and approx. 7 miles of sewer lines.  We are now just finishing up our current refurbishment project which involved upgrades to our primary treatment process, a new office/lab and primary treatment building, improvements to the control building and major electrical component upgrades including a new 80 KW generator.






Click here for a video demonstration of the damage that can be caused if these are flushed down the toilet!




Current Sewer District

Wilmington Sewer District Map 2014


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