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Beach Opportunities for Wilmington residents and guests who meet cross-state guidelines
(Non-quarantine counties in New England and New York <400 COVID-19 Cases per 1M pop.)


• Enjoy Green Mountain Beach – AT YOUR OWN RISK
• Requires an “ARRIVE, PLAY, LEAVE” mentality – 2 HOURS
• Picnic tables are not available to use
• No Public Toilets are available – limit play time!
• DISTANCING 6-FEET at all times (or mask up)
• Follow VT Dept of Health and CDC Guidelines

CALL 9-1-1 only in an emergency or Town Hall (802) 464-8591 for Information
Per Order Town Manager and Wilmington Selectboard

For further information:

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Due to the town-wide reappraisal, tax bills will be mailed out in August with the first half due in September.

We have no firm dates at this time. We will post updates when more information is available.

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The Wilmington Town Offices and Town Clerk’s Office will be closed on Friday, July 3rd in observance of Independence Day.


The Wilmington Transfer Station will also be closed on Friday, July 3rd.

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DATE: Thursday, July 2, 2020

PROJECT TYPE: Roadway resurfacing project

LOCATION: The project is on Route 100 through the towns of Wilmington, Dover and Stratton. It begins in Wilmington at the intersection of East Main Street and North Main Street, and continues for 11.605 miles through the towns of Dover and Stratton, and ends near the Stratton-Wardsboro town line (near Penny Avenue).

TRAFFIC IMPACT: For the week of Monday, July 6 through Friday, July 10, between the hours 7 AM and 5 PM, motorists can expect alternating one-way traffic along the construction route in Dover and Stratton. Flaggers will be present to guide motorists through the work zone.

SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES/NOTICES: This week, construction activities include paving the final wearing course along Route 100 in Dover and Stratton, and installing permanent roadway signs in Wilmington, Dover and Stratton.

DURATION: Monday through Friday, 7 AM to 5 PM.


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Restrictions to GRH Recreation Sites are as follows:

You may not use picnic tables. Picnicing on your own blankets is allowed.Use of grills is allowed. Swimming is at your own risk. There are no bathroom facilities.

General Changes to GRH Recreation Sites due to COVID-19

(1) Close/rope off/remove picnic tables and gated recreation areas closed. (Limited/Closed)

(2) No restroom facilities provided and change huts closed. (Limited)

(3) Boat launches are open except those not closed as a result of (1) above. (Limited)


LIMITED = some use allowed (boat launch) and but no picnicking, swimming, or sunbathing.

Somerset Westside Trail OPEN
  Eastside Trail (Catamount) OPEN
  Somerset PA & BL LIMITED
  Somerset Fisher Access OPEN
  East Branch Trail OPEN
Searsburg Flood Dam Trail OPEN
  East Branch Trail (Catamount) OPEN
  Searsburg Carry-In Access/Portage OPEN
Harriman  Mt. Mills West PA LIMITED
  Harriman West Side Trail OPEN
  Oxbow Boat Launch OPEN
  Mt. Mills East PA & BL (May 23) LIMITED
  Castle Hill PA & BL LIMITED
  Wards Cove PA (May 23) LIMITED
  Sawyers Powerhouse BL OPEN
  Whitingham Carry In Access OPEN
  Harriman Dam Picnic Area CLOSED
  Catamount Trail (south) OPEN
Sherman  Sherman Picnic Area & BL LIMITED


For additional questions,

Matthew Cole, Community Relations/PIO

P: 802.463.2323  M: 603.498.4421


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COVID-19 Emergency Order – Wearing Face Coverings in Town Owned Buildings and Businesses Open to the Public within the Town of Wilmington

WHEREAS, Consistent with Governor Scott’s Stay Home, Stay Safe Executive Order related to social distancing as well as the health care measures recommended by the Vermont Department of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Selectboard desires to enact and encourage measures that promote the public health safety and welfare of its citizens and visitors to further the goal of slowing the spread of COVID-19, and

WHEREAS, the Vermont Department of Health “recommends that all Vermonters wear cloth face coverings when outside the home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, and

WHEREAS, Governor Scott issued Addendum 14 to his Executive Order on May 15, 2020, which includes in paragraph 3, the following authorization for municipalities: “The legislative body of each municipality may enact more strict local requirements regarding mask use than those set forth herein”, and

WHEREAS, Section 16 of the Vermont Emergency Management statute, 20 VSA § 16, authorizes the towns of the State to make orders, rules and regulations that may be necessary for emergency management purposes so long as they are not inconsistent with any orders, rules or regulations promulgated by the governor or any state agency.

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Selectboard issues the following COVID-19 Emergency Order:

1.      Requirement to Wear Face Coverings.  Starting May 22, 2020, any member of the public entering a business located in the Town of Wilmington that will be open to the public or a Town- owned building must wear a face covering over their mouth and nose that is consistent with the Vermont Department of Health’s guidance on face coverings.

2.      Exceptions.  The Vermont Department of Health advises that face coverings should never be worn by children under the age of two, anyone who has trouble breathing or anyone unable to remove a mask without assistance.

3.      Posting Requirement. Each covered establishment must post signage at the entrance and at other appropriate locations stating that members of the public are required to wear face coverings by order of the Wilmington Selectboard.

Approved by the Wilmington Selectboard and Dated at Wilmington, Vermont this 21st day of May, 2020.

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Rotary and the MaskerAid women have boxes filled with masks at the Wilmington Post office, the Norton House and the Dover Town Office clothesline. They are free but the food Pantry address is on the boxes if anyone would like to make donations.

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Starting June 15, travelers have the option to:

Quarantine in their home state for 14 days before coming to Vermont if driving in a personal vehicle and making no stops along the way OR

Quarantine at a Vermont lodging establishment for 14 days if making stops along the way or traveling by plane, train, bus or other means of transportation

Lodging facilities – hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, inns, short-term rentals (for example, VRBO, Homeaway, Airbnb, etc.), and all public and private camping facilities, RV parks, seasonal resorts and marinas – may accept overnight reservations from Vermont residents, those who have met the quarantine requirement, and essential workers.

Find details and up-to-date information on lodging, campgrounds and other accommodations from the Agency of Commerce and Community and Development (ACCD) ) and find information about traveling to Vermont from the Health Department.

All guests must complete a health questionnaire upon check-in and must provide a Vermont driver’s license or signed document certifying that they met the quarantine and travel requirements. Out-of-state guests are strongly encouraged to sign up with Sara Alert – a free, automated and secure reminder system to check for common symptoms of COVID-19 – for daily reminders from the Vermont Department of Health.

If an individual has concerns about lodging facilities that are violating the Be Smart, Stay Safe Order, the Department of Public Safety has created an online non-compliance complaint form to gather more information.


Visit for the latest updates.


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June 19, 2020

Dear Residents and Visitors,

This is week 14 of Governor Scott’s state of emergency due to the COVID-19 virus until July 15th. The Governor continues to slowly open the Vermont economy; this week he provided guidelines issued by the Vermont Department of Education to bring our kiddos back to school this fall.

A COVID-19 outbreak is linked to Winooski of about 86 cases, including an additional death, reminding us that the coronavirus can be transmitted easily from person to person, while trending in a positive direction in Vermont. As of today, Vermont health officials report 54,745 people tested, 1,135 positive coronavirus cases in the state, 917 people recovered, with 56 unfortunate deaths. There is additional guidance related to travelers in New England and NE New York coming from regions with no more than 400 cases per 1M population, lodging and campgrounds may increase their capacity with additional guidance for tracking purposes. The executive orders, rules and guidance change daily, so for the most up-to-date info click:

It is important during these trying times (COVID, unemployment and national protests) to acknowledge the constitutional right of citizens to protest peaceably. The desire to be treated fairly and equally is every American’s right. It is worthwhile to review our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. It begins with “We the People of the United States” and the Declaration of Independence gives the inalienable right of “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Governor Scott appointed the first cabinet position for Vermont, Executive Director of Racial Equity, Xusana (pronounced Susana) Davis in June 2019. On May 31, 2020 Governor Scott established the Racial Equity Task Force. This order is a broader state effort to promote racial, ethnic, and cultural equity including in its response to COVID-19; Ms. Davis chairs the task force.

Governor Phil Scott is relaxing more of the “Play Smart and Play Safe: Restart” requirements for businesses, such as retail, lodging and restaurants. The limit on social gatherings increased to 25 people. Other businesses are reopening such as gyms, spas, massage therapists, nail salons, cleaning services, and similar “interior maintenance” businesses.  Dentists may resume all procedures, with guidelines to follow. The 14-day quarantine rule remains in effect, with exceptions for increased travelers’ guidance. COVID-19 models show that 41% of COVID cases in the U.S. are within a five-hour drive from Vermont.

On May 22, 2020, the Town of Wilmington Selectboard voted unanimously to approve a resolution entitled, “COVID-19 Emergency Order – Wearing Face Coverings in Town Owned Buildings and Businesses Open to the Public within the Town of Wilmington.” As a protective measure in town, wearing a face covering is required when entering a business or a town-owned building. There are two exceptions: one for children under the age of two, and another for anyone who has trouble breathing or who is unable to remove a mask without assistance. Local businesses are required to post signage at the entrance and at other locations stating that members of the public are required to wear face coverings by order of the Wilmington Selectboard.

Outdoor recreation and outdoor fitness activities that require low or no direct physical contact are encouraged by the Governor, but limit interactions to 25 or fewer people from trusted households. It is important for Vermonters to prioritize protecting those at higher risk for severe illness, limit travel to within Vermont to the extent possible, and stay close to home. Groups may not congregate (i.e. no tailgating), and campgrounds, marinas and beaches may open, following state guidelines.

The Green Mountain Beach on Lake Raponda remains closed to public access since we are unable to monitor and enforce state guidelines on gatherings at pools and beaches. The Beach remains closed while the Selectboard continues to consider how and when to reopen safely. While watching what is happening in other areas of the state, such as the COVID-19 surge in Winooski, and closely observing surrounding states, members of the Selectboard voiced concerns about not being a surge site for COVID-19 here in Wilmington. The Selectboard encourages responsible behavior and activities consistent with CDC, Vermont Department of Health, and state guidelines.

Great River Hydro (Harriman Reservoir) opened many locations around the lake with some restrictions. The boat launch is open and active. Swimming has always been “at your own risk”, and this year there is no use of picnic tables due to sanitization issues in state guidelines, but grills are open for use.  You may bring blankets for picnics, avoiding large groups of more than 25 trusted people.

Zoom is our electronic platform of choice to conduct town business by boards, committees, and commissions. Thank you all for your patience with the limitations of zoom meetings. All Selectboard meetings are accessed through Zoom, until further notice. If you are having trouble finding the Zoom invitation for a meeting, please contact

We encourage everyone to shop local with home delivery services, curb-side, limited indoor/outdoor restaurant service by reservation, in-person retail visits, and use of face masks in public places for the protection of all and as a matter of courtesy. Thank you for your patience as the Governor continues to open our Vermont economy.

Be well and be safe,
Selectboard: Chair Tom Fitzgerald, Vice-Chair (and state representative) John Gannon, Vince Rice and Sarah Fisher.Town Manager Scott A.Tucker

You may dial 2-1-1 or email  or go to their website for any service referrals. Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies only and feel free to reach out to our Town Offices for town services:

All land records are available online at  Records online date back to 1781. If you need help navigating the site or if there is a problem with a record, please call us at 464-5836. If you have trouble finding a referenced survey, give us a call. We will email you the unrecorded day book on request.

The Grand List is online at

Tax bills, property cards and zoning material can also be emailed.

Administrative Offices-802-464-8591

Taxes-ext 112

Administration- ext 123

Town Clerk-ext 114

Listers-ext 113

Zoning-ext 124

Highway-ext 140

Fire-ext 145

Wastewater-ext 150

Police-ext 130


Sign-up for the weekly newsletter

Vermont Service Referrals, Dial 2-1-1

Be well and be safe,

Selectboard: Chair Tom Fitzgerald, Vice-Chair (and state representative) John Gannon, Vince Rice and Sarah Fisher.   Town Manager Scott A. Tucker


The Transfer Station will be open regular hours. Please remain outside and do not enter the building. There is a collection box for fees. No change given. Thank you.

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Daily Update on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

July 1, 2020

Find this update at by clicking  the “See the Latest Update” button.


Please visit and share the Vermont Department of Health’s new COVID-19 web pages, including the new data dashboard for an in-depth picture of COVID-19 activity in Vermont at Visitors can access the dashboard by clicking on the map of Vermont.

Don’t Let Up on COVID-19 Prevention
Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD, said at a press conference Wednesday the state continues its aggressive testing efforts, with a rolling 7-day average of 1,245 tests, with over
8,700 total tests done in the past seven days.

He added “we were heartened to see” a new analysis that researchers at Harvard conducted for NPR that found Vermont was one of only four states doing enough testing to
subdue the coronavirus. Public health officials agree testing is critical to bring new cases down to a low enough level to allow everyday life to return to some semblance of normalcy.
(The other three states were Alaska, Montana and Hawaii.)

Dr. Levine also highlighted research cited in the Centers for Disease Control’s weekly report MMWR. In a recent study, only 46% of 350 patients reported recent contact with a COVID-19
patient, he said. Most contacts were in families or work colleagues. This highlights why it’s more important than ever to physically distance from others and to wear a mask when you
can, he said.

No-Quarantine Travel to Vermont Expanded to More States
Effective today, people from low-risk counties in additional states can travel to Vermont without having to quarantine. The broader allowances are based on detailed modeling and
analysis of health and population data. The additional states include Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, as well as the District of
Check the weekly map for more information.
Note: Because of the July 4th holiday, the map will be updated on Thursday instead of Friday this week.

Protest Safely and Get Tested
We support Vermonters engaging in peaceful protests and other civic activities to make their voices heard. Please remember that large gatherings do pose a greater risk for virus
So please follow universal precautions when you are out – wear a face covering or mask if you can when near others, maintain 6-foot distance, and if you’re sick, find actions to make yourself heard from home.
We encourage anyone who is participating in a public action to get tested for COVID-19. Find a pop-up test site near you by visiting

New on
The department launched a new webpage with COVID-19 translated resources ─ including mask guidance for adults and children, tips for large households, understanding your test
results and more: The page allows sorting by title, topic, translated language name or English language name.

Case Information
Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont
As of 12:00 p.m. on July 1, 2020

Description                                         Number
Total cases*                                         1,210
                                                            (2 new)
Currently hospitalized                                  1
Hospitalized under investigation                16
Total people recovered                            961
Deaths+                                                     56
People tested                                      66,292
Travelers monitored                              1,554
Contacts monitored                                    36
People completed monitoring                1,766

*Includes testing conducted at the Health Department Laboratory, commercial labs and
other public health labs.
+Death occurring in persons known to have COVID-19. Death certificate may be pending.

Hospitalization data is provided by the Vermont Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
Coalition and is based on hospitals updating this information.

Find more information on new data dashboard at by clicking on the map of Vermont. To allow time for analysts to verify an increasing volume of data, the dashboard will be updated no later than 12:00 p.m.

Get Tested for COVID-19
People who want to be tested can contact their health care provider for a referral. Tests are conducted at a number of sites throughout the state. There are also urgent care centers
offering testing.

Additionally, the Health Department is continuing to open pop-up sites for people who do not have symptoms of COVID-19 to be tested for the virus.

Pop-up sites are currently scheduled through July, and operate from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Find locations and make an appointment at If you do not have access to the internet, you can call 2-1-1 or 802-828-2828 for assistance.

Guidance for Vermonters

Who to contact:

• If you are having a medical emergency, call 9-1-1 or go to the hospital.
• If you are havingeven mild symptoms of COVID-19, call your health care provider.Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet and wear a mask when near others.
• Most information is available online: Visit our Frequently Asked Questions.

• Maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet and wear a mask when near others.

Traveler Information
Get the latest info about travel to Vermont, including for quarantining and testing.
Anyone coming to Vermont is strongly encouraged to sign up for Sara Alert daily symptom check reminders.

Keep a List of Your Close Contacts
Health officials suggest that Vermonters keep a journal of contacts – a list of other people with whom you have been in close contact with each day. If you get sick, this will make it easier to get in touch with those people and so they can take precautions to prevent further spread of COVID-19, including being tested if recommended.

Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health
Feeling anxious, confused, overwhelmed or powerless is common during an infectious disease outbreak. If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs emotional support, help is available 24/7:

• Call your local mental health crisis line
• Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255
• Text VT to 741741 to talk with someone at the Crisis Text Line.
• For more information visit

• See ways for Coping with Stress.

For more information:
• COVID-19 health information, guidance and case data:
• Governor’s actions:
• The state’s modeling: