Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Plant News/Public Notice

12/5/17 The Wilmington Wastewater Treatment Plant has been accepted as a NOAA Weather-Ready Nation Ambassador.

10/30/17 Reported Overflow at the Treatment Plant

The Wilmington WWTF received approximately 7″ of rain into the morning of October 30th, causing the wastewater lagoons to reach capacity. Wastewater effluent flowing through the chlorine contact pipe surcharged the contact pipe through an inspection hatch prior to the dechlorination chamber. It was believed that the back-up occurred due to the high flows coupled with debris caught on the dechlorination static mixers, causing a back-up of fully treated and disinfected effluent through the inspection hatch. This back-up resulted in approximately 100,000 gallons of treated and disinfected wastewater flowing overland to the North Branch of the Deerfield River. The lagoons did not overflow.