Taxes Fiscal Year 2016-17

Taxes are due in two installments:

First Installment Due August 19, 2016
Second Installment Due February 24, 2017

Tax Bills will be mailed on July 8, 2016.  Save the July bill – you do NOT receive another bill!  Use the tear-off stub for the February payment! If you do not receive a bill or have questions, please call Treasurer/Tax Collector Christine Richter at (802) 464-8591 or email her at:

Wilmington Tax Rate Fiscal Year 2016-2017  

Town Rate:                                         0.4948

Residential School Rate:                    1.7561

Total Residential Tax Rate:           $ 2.2509

Non-Residential School Rate:             1.53

Total Non-Residential Tax Rate:    $ 2.0248


LAST YEAR!  for reference

Wilmington Tax Rate Fiscal Year 2015-16

Town Rate:                                         0.5022
Residential School Rate:                     1.7573
Total Residential Tax Rate:            $ 2.2595
Non-Residential School Rate:             1.4877
Total Non-Residential Tax Rate:    $ 1.9899