Wilmington Town Hall Request for Proposals

The Town of Wilmington, Vermont is seeking proposals from qualified general contractors for three (3) projects at our historic Town Hall: 1. Replace ten windows (2nd and 3rd floors) in offices; 2. Repair or replace eleven windows in the Meeting Room; 3. Painting, prep, repairs and caulking for a finished look for our historic Town Hall.

Scope of Work, Preservation Strategies and Experience Desired

  1. Replace Ten (10) Windows in 2nd and 3rd floor Offices. Contractor is responsible for measuring and professional installation.  Minimum Specs: Primed Pine Exterior, Painted Interior, Finish White Pine Interior, Back Prime, Ultimate Wood Double Hung Insert, Low E2 w/ argon.



  1. Replace or repair Eleven (11) Windows in 2nd Floor Meeting Room. Contractor is responsible for measuring and professional installation, if replacement is recommended. Minimum specs, same as #1.  Contractor may propose an alternate – estimate repair of windows.



  1. Painting. Because of the age and material makeup of the building see guides that provide the contractor key information when dealing with repairs and renovations (Secretary of Interiors Standards); Preservation Brief #10: Exterior Paint Problems on Historic Woodwork. Painters who know this information and can demonstrate their experience are qualified contractors. Areas of concern are paint failure, underscoring the need for careful preparation, use of the best possible materials, caulks, primers and finish coats. The lighting in plastic tubes stapled on the wood surfaces of the building will need to be removed to do extensive preparation and painting work, when that is begun. The sides of nearly all projected trim are painted the color of the clapboards and this is incorrect. It should be the trim color, which then offers one’s eye the full three dimensions of that trim. Other wood surfaces, especially the area behind the building and in the alley with the fire escape have not been well painted, leaving areas poorly coated and incomplete, showing alligatored paint, and other hard to get areas were not prepared to the correct, smooth finish before they were primed and painted. Colors TBD.




The contractor eventually awarded the job must provide proof of a full spectrum of general liability insurance and worker’s compensation coverage. Contractor must provide Vermont certification to work with lead paint.

The Town reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals, in whole or in part, with or without cause; to waive any informalities, formalities, and technicalities in the process. The Town of Wilmington is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

The deadline for receipt of proposals by the Town is 4:00 p.m. Friday, May 20, 2022.  Proposals may be submitted by mail/other shipping services, in person, or by e-mail attachment to the appropriate address below.

Jessica DeFrancesco, Administrative Assistant
2 East Main Street, 2nd Floor,
P.O. Box 217,
Wilmington, VT  05363


FAX: (802) 464-8477

To set-up a walk-through of the building, please contact Jessica DeFrancesco jdefrancesco@wilmingtonvt.us  at Wilmington Town Offices: (802) 464-8591, x 123.