Water Billing Changes

By | July 28, 2023

As the Town of Wilmington and the Wilmington Water district merged two years ago, we have made changes to rebuild their funds and improve their collections. Starting this year, the Town of Wilmington Water Department will be moving to three billing cycles a year instead of the current four billing cycles.  The initial billing will appear higher as it will be for a longer period of time due to the change.  The base annual amounts are staying the same but will be higher on each bill as there will be three now instead of four bills. For example, a single-family home is currently billed $97.50 on the four bills, which totals $390. With the three bills the single-family rate will show as $130.00 on each of the bills.  We will be mailing them out in September, January and May.  In the next year our goal is to combine water and sewer bills so there will be one bill that includes both utilities each of the three billing cycles rather than having six bills throughout the year.