Gravel and Paving Requests for Proposals

By | March 2, 2023

Town of Wilmington Vermont

PO Box 217, Wilmington, VT 05363


  1. The Town of Wilmington is accepting a proposal for 4,000+ cubic yards of 1” crushed gravel and  a separate proposal for 4,000+ cubic yards of 1” crushed ledge to be delivered to the town garage site at 21 Haystack Road starting April 2023-June 2024.  Town will choose either 4,000+ yards of crushed gravel or ledge.
  2. Please confirm the price will remain the same through June 2024
  3. Please include prices for 7” minus ditch stone products delivered to town garage.
  4. Please include price for 2-3”crushed ledge 1,000 yards pit price and delivered price.

Bidder that is awarded the contract is required to provide a Certificate of Liability Insurance for $1,000,000 and naming the town as an additional insured.

Contract to be awarded as deemed in the best interest of the Town.

Gravel shall consist of material reasonably free from silt, loam, clay, and organic matter.  It shall be obtained from approved sources and shall meet the following requirements:

Maximum Size:  1 inch

Sieve Designation Percentage by Mass (Weight) Passing Square Mesh Sieves
No. 4 20-60
No. 100 0-12
No. 200 0-6

Questions about definition of and standards for crushed ledge, or general questions, please contact Marshall Dix, Road Supervisor, or, Bret Brown, Road Foreman, at 802-464-5515.

If you wish to submit a proposal, please quote per cubic yard delivered on item #1.  It must be received by 4 P.M.  March 30, 2023.  Please indicate CRUSHED Gravel BIDon your envelope and deliver to Town of Wilmington, PO Box 217, Wilmington, VT 05363, (Town offices located at 2 East Main Street) or your proposal may be FAXED to us at 802-464-8477 or emailed to   Bids to be opened on March 31, 2023.

Request for Proposals (Paving)

March 3, 2023

The Town of Wilmington is accepting proposals for treatment with Bituminous Concrete Pavement on the roads in the Town of Wilmington listed below. The pavement work is to be completed by September 30, 2023.

Please contact Marshal Dix, Road Supervisor at (464-5515) for questions or additional information.

Please submit a price per ton, per fiscal year, and deliver proposals no later than 4 pm on March 30, 2023 to, by fax 802-464-8477 or by mail to:

Jessica DeFrancesco, Administrative Assistant
2 East Main Street
PO Box 217
Wilmington, VT 05363


Town of Wilmington Vermont

2023 Proposed Paving and Specifications

Beaver St                                                                                        
1284 ft x 25 ft
1.5” type IV overlay

Whites Rd           
600 ft by 22 ft
3” binder
1” top coat

Castle Hill                                                                           
6095 ft by 25 ft
1.5” type IV overlay

Gallup Pitch
725 ft by 25 ft
3” binder
1” top coat

Chimney Hill
1500 ft by 24 ft
1.5” type IV overlay

Shearer Hill
5280 ft by 22 ft
Double chip seal and fog seal

CSS-1H  Rate of Appl* 0.02
CRS-2P  Rate of Appl* 0.5
CRS-2P  Rate of Appl* 0.45


  • Mill in all start and stop joints and bridge joints.
  • Contractor shall supply flaggers and signage in accordance with MUTCD and State of Vermont regulations for traffic control.
  • Contractor shall supply sweeper.
  • Tack application rate of .03 gallon per square yard.
  • Rubber tire roller to be used on shim coats
  • All mixes meet PG 58-28.
    • No more than 10% Rap
    • Type II 5.6% Asphalt
    • Type III 6.1% Asphalt
    • Type IV 6.2% Asphalt
  • Contractor shall supply the daily mix test results to the Town upon request
  • The equipment used shall be subject to the approval of the Road Supervisor and maintained in satisfactory working condition at all times.
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000 naming the Town of Wilmington as additional insured is required.
  • A Certificate of Workers’ Compensation Insurance is required.
  • Federal W-9 Form will be completed and returned to the Town, if applicable.
  • The Town of Wilmington reserves the right to make the award of the bid as appears in the best interest of the Town and to reject any or all bids.