COVID-19 Updates 1/22/2021

Daily Update on Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
January 21, 2021

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Got Vaccine Questions? Get Answers!
We are regularly adding to our Frequently Asked Questions as we have new information about COVID-19 vaccine and plans for vaccination in Vermont. See our Vaccine FAQs, which includes answers to questions including:
• I have allergies. Should I get vaccinated?
• Can my spouse or partner get a COVID-19 vaccine if they are younger than 75?
• Should I be vaccinated if I have or had COVID-19?

You can also learn more on our COVID-19 vaccination in Vermont web page. And check back often for updates!

Keep up Prevention and Testing
While we wait for vaccine to become more widely available to Vermonters, we must keep up our prevention practices, including physical distancing, mask-wearing, handwashing and staying home when we’re sick.

You can also help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by getting tested. If you want to get tested for COVID-19 and have no symptoms, you can visit a location near you. There are now more than 15 regular locations throughout the state, and more of them are now open daily. Many
sites now allow you to take a sample yourself, using a short swab in your nose. It’s quick, easy and free.

Register for a test by visiting (You will need to create an account to register.)  If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please contact your health care provider so they can refer you for testing. If you don’t have a provider, you can call 2-1-1.

New on
Recently, the percent of people with COVID-19 who are associated with an outbreak has been lower than average, while the percent of people who had contact with another case has been higher than average. Learn more about how people are getting COVID-19 and what it means in the latest Weekly Data Summary Spotlight.

Case Information
Current COVID-19 Activity in Vermont
As of 12 p.m. on January 21, 2021

Description                                            Number
New cases*                                                101
                                                            (10,508 total)
Currently hospitalized                                 45
Hospitalized in ICU                                       5
Hospitalized under investigation                  5
Percent Positive (7-day average)               2.5%
People tested                                          291,297
Total tests                                                822,888
Total people recovered                               7,083
Deaths+                                                         168
Travelers monitored                                      184
Contacts monitored                                      263
People completed monitoring                  12,379

* Includes testing conducted at the Health Department Laboratory, commercial labs and
other public health labs.
+ Death occurring in persons known to have COVID-19. Death certificate may be pending.

Hospitalization data is provided by the Vermont Healthcare Emergency Preparedness
Coalition and is based on hospitals updating this information.

Find more at the data dashboard:

Guidance for Vermonters and Businesses

• Health information, guidance and data:
• By sector guidance:
• Travel map and modeling:
• Governor’s actions:
Hospital visitation guidance: updated Nov. 16.

Get the information you need at our Frequently Asked Questions.

School Guidance

• Strong and Healthy Start: Safety and Health Guidance for Vermont Schools

• Mental Health: A Strong and Healthy Start: Social, Emotional and Mental Health Supports During COVID-19

• Child care: Health Guidance for Child Care and Out of School Care

More resources on the Your Community web page.

Stay Informed with VT-ALERT
Stay up to date on the latest COVID guidance and information by registering for Vermont Alert (VT-ALERT), the State’s emergency notification system. Visit and select the alerts they would like to receive (COVID information is listed under “Health Alerts”).
Current subscribers can also update their notifications. Notifications are available via email, text, phone and the Everbridge mobile app.

Take Care of Your Emotional and Mental Health
If you or someone you know is in crisis or needs emotional support, help is available 24/7:

• Call your local mental health crisis line.
• Text VT to 741741 to talk with someone at the Crisis Text Line.
• Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.
• For more information visit
• Visit our Coping With Stress web page.
• Get connected to Alcohol and Drug Support Services at VT Helplink.
• Get self-help tips and connect to mental health services at COVID Support VT.