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In January of 2017, The Town of Wilmington (through the Wilmington Wastewater District) retained Aldrich + Elliott, PC (A+E) to develop an Asset Management Plan in (3) locations. The goal of the project is to further investigate three (3) sections of the existing sewer collection system where several residential and commercial buildings are connected to shared private sewerlines. The locations of these pipeline segments are named West Main Street, East Main Street 1 and East Main Street 2. The objectives of this plan are to:

* Determine how many buildings are connected to each private sewer line

* Verify where the services connect

* Verify where the private sewers connect to the mainline sewer

* Document the pipe sizes and materials

* Assess the condition of the pipe

* Evaluate alternatives to eliminate these private lines and potential funding sources



Sewer Ordinance October 2, 2013

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