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May 19, 2020 – Great River Hydro’s recreation areas remain open to the public with some restrictions in accordance with local guidelines.  Be prepared for areas open with restrictions.  We encourage users to observe social distancing guidelines and be respectful of others.

State guidance provides for participating in outdoor recreation, people should “arrive, play and leave.”  Groups may not congregate before or after activities, for example no tailgating.  Consistent with this guidance, the restrictions to GRH Recreation Sites are as follows:

General Changes to GRH Recreation Sites due to COVID-19

(1) Close/rope off/remove picnic tables and gated recreation areas closed. (Limited/Closed)

(2) No restroom facilities provided and change huts closed. (Limited)

(3) Boat launches are open except those not closed as a result of (1) above. (Limited)


LIMITED = some use allowed (boat launch) and but no picnicking, swimming, or sunbathing.

Somerset Westside Trail OPEN
  Eastside Trail (Catamount) OPEN
  Somerset PA & BL LIMITED
  Somerset Fisher Access OPEN
  East Branch Trail OPEN
Searsburg Flood Dam Trail OPEN
  East Branch Trail (Catamount) OPEN
  Searsburg Carry-In Access/Portage OPEN
Harriman  Mt. Mills West PA LIMITED
  Harriman West Side Trail OPEN
  Oxbow Boat Launch OPEN
  Mt. Mills East PA & BL (May 23) LIMITED
  Castle Hill PA & BL LIMITED
  Wards Cove PA (May 23) LIMITED
  Sawyers Powerhouse BL OPEN
  Whitingham Carry In Access OPEN
  Harriman Dam Picnic Area CLOSED
  Catamount Trail (south) OPEN
Sherman  Sherman Picnic Area & BL LIMITED


For additional questions,

Matthew Cole, Community Relations/PIO

P: 802.463.2323  M: 603.498.4421


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