Week of April 6, 2020

Development Review Board

Monday, April 6 at 6 pm

Town Hall Meeting Room


1.    Open Meeting

2.    Additions to the Agenda

3.    Administrative Matters

a.     Approval of Minutes from the March 2, 2019 Meeting

b.     Announcements

4.    Consideration of Cases:

a.    Application # 2020-005  Owner: Crooked Steeple, LLC.  Application to consider the change of use from an Institutional use serving a church/childcare operation to a Retail coffee shop and event space/gallery at 12 South Main Street.  Applicant also proposes to perform minor maintenance repairs to the exterior siding and clean-up of existing landscaping.

 Applicable Code Sections:  222, 522, 530, 602, 610, 720, 722, 723, 730.

5.     Open Meetings Law, Ex Parte Conversations, and Development Review Board’s Role with the  Zoning Administrator

6.     New/Old Business

7.     Close Meeting

To Participate in the above meeting follow the instructions below:

Call (425) 436-6371 and enter access code 865434.  Announce your name and wait to be acknowledged when calling in.


Selectboard/Sewer Commission

Tuesday, April 7 at 6 pm

Town Hall Meeting Room


1.    Visitors, Public Comments, Possible Changes to the Agenda

2.    Approve Minutes of March 17, 2020 and April 1, 2020 (5 minutes).

3.    Action Items (10 minutes)

–    The Selectboard to possibly accept Amy Swanson’s resignation from the Library Trustees.

–    The Selectboard to possibly appoint Michelle Suponski as Library Trustee until March 2021.

–    The Selectboard to possibly vote to waive the penalties imposed for missing dog licensing deadlines until May 1, 2020.

–    The Selectboard to possibly approve a 30-day extension for the grand list filing.

4.    Fire Department Equipment Capital Account

–    The Selectboard to possibly approve $52,000 to NBF Architects as a loan to begin the design phase of the Public Safety Facility Project in anticipation of the FY21 budget.

5.    Property Tax Delinquent Accounts (20 minutes)

–    The Selectboard to discuss tax sale process.

–    The Selectboard to discuss taxpayer hardship in the time of COVID-19.

6.    Transfer Station (10 minutes)

–    Discuss measures for health and safety of employees at the transfer station and accept fees on the honor system due to COVID-19.

7.    Liquor Commission (5 minutes)

–    The Liquor Commission to possibly approve a First and Third Class License Renewal and Outside Consumption Renewal for L&S Inc dba North Star Bowl at 179 Route 100 N; a Second Class License Renewal for Vermont Staple Goods Co Inc dba Riverbend Farm Market at 136 Route 100 N.

8.    Other Business

9.    Select Board Members Comments

10. Town Manager’s Updates (10 minutes)

11. Executive Session

–  The Selectboard to possibly enter into executive session for the purpose of reviewing revolving loan applications.


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