Town Nurse
Jennifer Fitzgerald, RNC

The Town of Wilmington employs a town nurse to provide nursing assessment and care in Wilmington residents’ homes. Every resident in Wilmington qualifies for this service. To schedule an appointment call (802) 681-8740 and leave a message..

A $3 fee per visit is requested – payable to the Town of Wilmington.


09/12/14  LETTER From Wilmington Town Nurse Jennifer Fitzgerald

An Elder Forum held in Wilmington last month brought 25 interested people together to brainstorm about services and resources that attendees identified as important to the quality of their lives as they age. The notion that people need to mobilize themselves now to create an affordable option to remain in our community as we age was evident to all that attended.

By having a dialogue now we can put plans in place so we are better prepared should a crisis occur. Help me consider ways that “our town” (or WHICHEVER Deerfield Valley town that you currently reside in) can create a “livable community” that looks at options NOW to make it possible for you to remain in your community when challenges occur. There is very little available right now and we have an opportunity to create a vibrant and engaged community that can make it possible for you to age “in place”. Isn’t it time to have a plan or at least have a conversation?

For myself, I can currently afford my mortgage and property taxes because I activated my Social Security at 65, began collecting my modest retirement benefits and continue to work a part-time job. However, I am keenly aware that my hours may be reduced or eliminated at any time, and should a medical, physical or emotional challenge affect me or a loved one it would force me to begin the painful reality of prioritizing my finances to identify every possible option to remain in my home.

I have been helping others face these challenges for the past 30+ years and now I am asking for all residents in the Deerfield Valley to think about their personal plans. What will happen if YOU can’t drive? Have you ever taken a ride on the Moover or contacted them or another organization to have a volunteer drive you to medical appointments? Have you ever had to choose between paying for a prescription or buying your groceries or paying your bills? Very few of us are truly prepared to navigate the options in the face of a serious challenge!

We live in an amazing community that truly cares about our neighbors as evidenced by the creation of organizations such as the Deerfield Valley Health Center, Deerfield Valley Rescue, Families First, Deerfield Valley Cares, the Deerfield Valley Food Pantry, and each of the Valley Towns supports their own Volunteer Fire Departments and EMS providers. Neighbors and community members organize benefits to help seriously ill friends and neighbors in very real and practical ways.

A few folks have signed an “Aging in your Community” worksheet to begin a process to address these issues proactively and help our towns make plans to help you to “Age Comfortably in your Community”. This can only happen if we get your input about what you want, what you need and what is missing.

Please send an email to to share your ideas, volunteer your time or expertise to this worthwhile effort, or just sign up to receive an email to receive an informational newsletter.

Too many folks are walking this path alone without knowing where to begin. Feel free to call me at 681-8740 or email me at

Jennifer Fitzgerald, RN

Wilmington Town Nurse


The Town Nurse is Wilmington’s representative to the Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont.

Senior Solutions
Council on Aging for Southeastern Vermont

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