Committee Members:

Nicki Steel, Chair
DJ Boyd, Vice Chair
Carol Bogard, Secretary
Mary Towne, Treasurer
Julie Moore
Deb Boyd
Carl Swanson
Heather Maynard
Denise Childs

Old Home Week Committee Resolution


The Old Home Week web site is open for business! Although there is much more information to be posted it is a great start. Right now it lists the Committee, opportunities to volunteer, a brief history and a draft schedule. Eventually, people will be able to order memorabilia and tickets through the site. The web site is one of the major ways the Committee will disseminate information so please help spread the word. Thank you to Fran Cunningham for volunteering to do the site!


The Old Home Week Committee will meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm in the Old School Enrichment Council Library at 1 School St, Wilmington.

2019 Minutes:

12-5-19 Minutes

11-7-19 Minutes

10-3-19 Minutes

9-5-19 Minutes

8-1-19 Minutes

7-11-19 Minutes

6-6-19 Minutes

5-2-19 Minutes

4-4-19 Minutes

2-28-19 Minutes

1-3-19 Minutes

2018 Minutes:

12-6-18 Minutes

12-4-18 Special Minutes

11-1-18 Minutes

10-4-18 Minutes

8-23-18 Minutes