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The Project continued this week North towards the Hermitage/Cold Brook Intersection. The project was shut down on Monday 6/19.  As a result, we will now be crossing the Hermitage Club intersection on Tuesday 6/17.  We will do our best to maintain access from both sides during construction – but there may be delays as equipment is moving in and out of the intersection.

The Guardrail on the northbound lane North of Mann road and South of Brook Bound has been installed.

For the week of 6/26-30 access will be:

1) Brook Bound, Ives Road, Sturgis Road, Coldbrook Road SOUTH of Hermitage

a. Please use Coldbrook from the South.

2) Hermitage Resort

a. Please use Handle Road from the North on Monday.  On Tuesday access will shift to the South.. We are also adding signage to clarify that while the road is closed – access to the Hermitage is still open.

Our current projection is to arrive at the Town Line around 7/14.  We will likely be cleaning up and finishing the last tie-in’s at the line the week of 7/17-7/21.  We currently expect the last day of road closure to occur on or before 7/21.

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