Bi-Town Marketing Consultant Request For Qualifications

In collaboration with the Towns of Dover and Wilmington, Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce

RFQ Issue Date: Friday July 10,2020

Qualifications Due By:  August 10,2020 at 4 pm.

Qualifications can be sent by email or mail to:

Eric Durocher

Economic Development – Dover, VT

PO Box 527

West Dover, VT 05356

Questions: Gretchen Havreluk (802)779-2905


Introduction and Background:

The Bi-Town Marketing Committee is a sub-committee of the Bi-Town Economic Development Committee. The Bi-Town Economic Development Committee is organized by the Towns’ of Wilmington and Dover with representation from the select boards, staff, community members, Mount Snow, Brattleboro Development Credit Corporation, and the Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the committee is to be an economic driver for the Deerfield Valley.  The Marketing Committee just completed a five-year digital marketing campaign. The digital ad campaign is connected to the Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce website; they are also our fiscal agent. Our goal is to drive more summer visitors and economic viability to the Deerfield Valley.  The Committee has been approved for Consultant funding up to $25,000.

Scope of Work:

Create a five plus year Strategic Marketing Plan for the Deerfield Valley and a template for performance metrics.  The focus of the plan would be for summer campaigns.  The Plan would include but not limited to:  Who and where to market it to, type of media through what platforms and 3rd party websites, and tracking mechanism.


 The desired firm qualifications include:

1)  Resort community Understanding

2)  Knowledge of how to measure success of campaigns

3)  Knowledge of successful medias and platforms

4)  Project Communication and Reliability


Required Content:

-Identity of organization: Identify your organization and a single point of contact with information.

-Background: Provide a history of your organization, a list of clients/projects you have developed, and resumes of staff that would work on the Strategic Plan.

-Experience: A brief description of your organization’s experience with similar projects.

-Timeline/Capacity: Indicate what your capacity is to implement with the timeframe of completion.

– Minimum of two references from communities you have worked with.


Criteria Scoring:

1) Qualifications of the firm and the staff to be assigned to the project (max 30 Points)

2) Demonstration of experience in creating other Strategic Marketing Plans. (max 30 Points)

3) Knowledge of performance indicators (max 20 Points)

4) Timeline availability (max 20 Points)

The Bi-Town Marketing Committee shall evaluate the statements of qualifications and performance data and other material submitted by interested firms and select a minimum of three firms which, in their opinion, are best qualified to perform the desired services. Interviews may be conducted with the firms. The Committee shall rank, in order of preference, these three professional firms deemed to be the most highly qualified to provide the services required, and create an agreement with the firm. In the event that a contract cannot be negotiated with the most highly qualified firm, negotiations continue in order of qualifications.



Three hard copies and an electronic version.


Other Information:

The Bi-Town Marketing Committee and the Southern Vermont Deerfield Valley Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to reject any and all proposals received as a result of this solicitation, to negotiate with any qualified source, to waive any formality and any technicalities or to cancel the RFQ in part or in its entirety if it is in the best interest of the committee. This solicitation of proposals in no way obligates the committee to award a contract.

The selection of a vendor shall be made without regard to race, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, physical or mental condition, HIV status, or political affiliation. An Equal Opportunity Employer and encourage proposals from qualified minority and women-owned businesses.

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