Planning Commission
Monday February 27 at 4 pm
Town Hall Meeting Room


1.            Open meeting.

2.            Possible additions to the agenda.

3.            Approve minutes from February 13, 2017.

4.            Public comment.

5.            Discuss Memorandum of Understanding with the Hermitage Club.

6.            Discuss Prioritization.

7.            Discuss Volunteer proposal.

8.            Discuss High Meadows Fund.

9.            Discuss Village design review district and proposed zoning amendments.

10.         Close meeting.


Selectboard/Sewer Commission
Wednesday, March 1 at 6 pm
Town Hall Meeting Room


1.    Visitors, Public Comments, Possible Changes to Agenda

2.    Town Manager Search

–      Selectboard to discuss advertising for Town Manager search, and possible signing of contract with VLCT

3.    Pre-Town Meeting Discussion

–      Selectboard to answer questions regarding Town Meeting Articles

–      Selectboard to review Town Meeting Articles and assign to members as necessary

4.    Other Business


Bi-Town Economic Development
Thursday, March 2 at 8 am
Town Hall Meeting Room



·   Approve minutes from last meeting

·   Review charge                                         10 Minutes

·   BDCC                                                         5 Minutes

·   Bi-Town Marketing Plan                          10 Minutes

o   Progress/Update

·   Valley Trail Update                                   10 minutes

o   Progress/Update

·   Trail network meeting report

·   Telecommunications                               5 minutes

o   Progress/Update

o   Update permitting Study                 10 minutes

·   Updates:                                                   5 Minutes

o   Wilmington

o   Dover

o   Mount Snow

o   Hermitage Club

o   Sveds

o   Chamber

·   Other Business:                                         5 Minutes