Zoning Bylaw: Article IV-Signs, Article V-Administration, Appendix I

Town of Wilmington, Vermont


These three sections of the Wilmington Zoning Bylaw were adopted by the Wilmington Selectboard on October 30, 2014.  They will take effect on November 20, 2014 unless a petition is received by November 19, 2014.

A petition signed by at least five percent of the voters of Wilmington may be filed with the town clerk by November 19, 2014 asking for a vote to disapprove the ordinance sections.  If a petition is received, the Wilmington Selectboard will warn a special meeting and the voters may vote on that question.

Purpose and Summary of the Articles:

The purpose of Article IV – Signs is to fully replace the existing Wilmington Sign Ordinance and the Historic Review District sign provisions with a single Article that will apply in all Districts.  The revised Article IV – Signs better supports the goals and objectives of the Wilmington Town Plan.

The purpose of changes to Article V – Administration is to guide the administration of the Wilmington Zoning Ordinance, in accordance with the duly adopted Town Plan.  The revised Article V – Administration improves the ability of Zoning Ordinance administrators to exercise discretion in the granting of waivers, to improve understanding of Appeal processes and procedures, to implement a schedule of penalties and enforcement procedures, and to better support the goals and objectives of the Wilmington Town Plan.

The purpose of Appendix I – Definitions is to provide definitions in support of the zoning articles.  The revised Appendix I – Definitions supports both Article IV and Article V in meeting their respective Town Plan objectives by providing clarifying definitions.

The Wilmington Town Manager, whose telephone number is 464-8591, and whose address is PO Box 217, Wilmington, VT 05363, is a person knowledgeable about this Zoning Bylaw and is available to answer questions and provide persons with a full text thereof.  The full text of this Ordinance may be examined at the Wilmington Town Manager’s office at 2 East Main Street, Wilmington, Vermont from 8 a.m. until 4:30p.m. Monday through Friday and the sections are posted below.

Article IV as adopted 10-30-14

Article V as adopted 10-30-14

Appendix I as adopted 10-30-14