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 Pursuant to 24 V.S.A. Chapter 117, § 4444, notice is hereby given by the Selectboard of the Town of Wilmington, Vermont, that a Public Hearing will be held in the Wilmington Town Hall meeting room on Thursday, October 30, 2014 at 6:00 PM.

Statement of Purpose:  This is a public hearing on the proposed completion of revisions to the Zoning Ordinance for the Town of Wilmington, VT.

The purpose of Article IV – Signs is to fully replace the existing Wilmington Sign Ordinance and the Historic Review District sign provisions with a single Article that will apply in all Districts.  The revised Article IV – Signs better supports the goals and objectives of the Wilmington Town Plan.

The purpose of changes to Article V – Administration is to guide the administration of the Wilmington Zoning Ordinance, in accordance with the duly adopted Town Plan.  The revised Article V – Administration improves the ability of Zoning Ordinance administrators to exercise discretion in the granting of waivers, to improve understanding of Appeal processes and procedures, to implement a schedule of penalties and enforcement procedures, and to better support the goals and objectives of the Wilmington Town Plan.

The purpose of Appendix I – Definitions is to provide definitions in support of the zoning articles.  The revised Appendix I – Definitions supports both Article IV and Article V in meeting their respective Town Plan objectives by providing clarifying definitions.

Description of the Area Covered:  The proposed changes cover the entire town of Wilmington, Vermont.

List of Proposed Amendments to be approved and adopted:

  • Article IV – Signs
  • Article V – Administration
  • Appendix I – Definitions

List of Proposed Ordinance/Sections to be repealed:

  • Repeal of the existing Sign Ordinance that became first effective November 1, 1999 and was last revised and adopted July 18, 2011
  • Repeal of Section 620 (C), (D), (E), and (F) and Section 630 (F) of Article VI, Historic Review District, Wilmington Zoning Ordinance

Proposed Dissolution:

  • Dissolve the roles of Sign Administrator and Sign Board of Adjustment

These Articles are presented for adoption to supplement the following current, already revised and approved, Articles:

  • Article I – Enactment and Purpose
  • Article II – Districts
  • Article III – Standards and Procedures
  • Article VI – Historic Review District
  • Article VII – Telecommunications
  • Article VIII – Flood Hazard Regulations

Where the proposed Articles may be examined: Copies of the document are available for public review at the Wilmington Town Offices and are posted below.

Appendix I – Proposed for Selectboard Hearing 10-30-14

Article IV – Proposed for Selectboard Hearing 10-30-14

Article V – Proposed for Selectboard Hearing 10-30-14

Planning Commission Report for Public Hearing 10-30-14