15-088 Final Twin Valley Feasibility Report

15-088 High School Feasibility Study with Costs

15-088 High School Feasibility Study

Town of Wilmington Needs Volunteers!

We have volunteer opportunities available!  These appointed positions play a very important role in recommending and influencing the direction for our town for years to come. Please consider donating a few hours a month sharing your talents, skills, energy, and vision in the quest to ever-improve our town in some of the following positions:

Planning Commission  

If you are interested in the above volunteer opportunities, please call the town office at 464-8591 or email jdefrancesco@wilmingtonvt.us.


Front Page Forum has arrived in Wilmington!

Tuesday, September 03, 2013 at 10:00 AM

Front Page Forum is a free community-building service that allows neighbors to connect with one another. It is moderated and members are clearly identified as they share postings about all sorts of topics. These forums help neighbors find lost pets, welcome newcomers, inform each other of local events, and engage in healthy debates about the important issues in their community. In times of need, such as during and following natural disasters, a Front Porch Forum becomes even more powerful. And that is the key to why VCRD and the Vermont Digital Project have invested in Front Porch Forum.

This neighborhood forum is open to people who have a valid Wilmington address. Since 2006 FPF has been hosting regional networks of online neighborhood forums where clearly identified nearby neighbors share postings about all sorts of topics.

FPF is a Vermont-based online service with nearly 60,000 households participating across half of the state.  Now, thanks to the Vermont Council on Rural Development, FPF has expanded and is available statewide to every Vermont town and neighborhood. After significant investment by the Vermont Digital Economy Project and software development by FPF, there is now a forum available for every Vermont town!

To sign up:  Visit: http://frontporchforum.com  and enter your valid Wilmington address.

More information is posted below.

Also, there is a blog at Front Porch Forum: http://blog.frontporchforum.com/  In the upper right that there is an FAQ link, as well other information and a way to ask questions directly to Front Porch Forum.

Example of Front Porch Forum Page

FPF Information
Front Porch Forum Flyer
How to Register


Town-Owned Property For Sale

The Town of Wilmington owns several properties that are for sale.  These properties were acquired by the town through tax sales and may now be sold by the town.

A list of properties is posted below that shows the minimum amount that will be accepted for the property.  In addition to the amount listed, there will be administrative and closing costs associated with any sale. Also there may be liens from the Cold Brook Fire District on Haystack properties.

(For any questions regarding the ability to build on Haystack properties, please contact Roberta Carey at Cold Brook Fire District (802) 464-0460.)

The spreadsheet has links to the appropriate tax map to help you locate the property.

If you need help navigating the maps, please go to Wilmington Tax Maps.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these properties, please send an email to Town Manager Scott Murphy at smurphy@wilmingtonvt.us or call the town office at (802) 464-8591.

The file is a PDF document.  You will need Adobe acrobat reader to open the file.  If you do not have it, you may download it by clicking http://get.adobe.com/reader/